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    Confidential Document by Jangs Müller

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    Beautful work by Brussels based design director I Am Sanderson.

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    /// For more VISUAL INSPIRATION in illustration, graphic design, packaging, art and a lot more … just follow HOPLOID ON TUMBLR
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  10. Expressing an institution’s mission using the design of the letters became a playful exercise for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Three of the letters in the initials are essentially a square, a circle, and a triangle—the most basic geometric shapes. With the addition of the classic lowercase C, the resulting trademark identifies the museum. The basic geometric components of the logo are also used for invitations, programs, tickets, and other printed materials.

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    BMW E9 Infomode / Alexey Filin

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    *Personal work: Ena Baćanović

    Just wanted to share a few shots from my Dribbble - feel free to follow me there, I’ll have a few invitations!

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